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Let me be your video presenter in an HD TV News Studio

Please click to play the video above for more information

Peter Baker and Katy Brody presenting in a "virtual studio".  Choose one of our backgrounds / studios or we can use one of yours if required.

I started work as a bulletin news reader for BBC TV's Points West in the 1980’s, when TV cameras still were proud to be “in colour”!   (and I had more hair) Today, as well as offering voiceover recording services, I also offer “in-vision” or "talking head" presentation, and offer various virtual studios and newsrooms.  


I offer full broadcast quality HD sound and vision - you own all rights.

I have many years’ experience as a broadcast presenter for both BBC & ITV Granada news and all I need from you is your script as text or Word, guidelines as to style and pace, and details of unusual pronunciations or acronyms.   Of course, let me know what to wear.

Please provide a background as an HD still or video...or I can provide a variety of general backgrounds, see below. Maybe you need the raw Chromakey footage to edit yourself - no problem.   As I have to hire the TV studio, autocue and the video editor it is more expensive than voiceover rates.   We can offer up to 2 minutes for £200, or 5 minutes worth of in-vision presentation (say cut up into 5 x 1 minute reads) and this is for £300 GBP or equivalent currency. (PayPal accepted)  You will get full HD1080 Mp4 files orany other video format if required.  If you request the audio as wav files as well, that is also no problem.  We can offer excellent discount for longer jobs or regular work.  


Please provide your script with the directions as you would normally for voiceover - style, pace, attitude, etc.   For in-vision projects, tell me what to wear and what backgrounds you’d like.  Give me captions and overlay pictures if required and your company logo.  We can edit them all in for you - no problem!  My colleagues and I are very experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro software.


It’s up to you.  Select one of my many

formal outfits, with or without waistcoat,

or ask me to be casual.


If you’d like me to represent your

company, you are also welcome to

send me your uniform!

Please provide your “studio” background, or choose one of mine!

Also available, female presenter Katy Brody

You can either book Katy in a virtual studio or both of us, it's up to you.  Here are some clips of Katy presenting.


Our fees are £200 (or equivalent currency) for up to about 2 minutes or £300 for up to about 5 minutes.  We can offer such low fees as we have our own studio and autocue facilities.  We are flexible and friendly, so get in touch!

We often film other people as well of course, for details of our PRIVACY POLICY,

please click HERE                                    +44 78 31 23 18 69