Here’s a guide to rates.  It is just a guide and I am quite flexible.   Voiceover rates are generally determined by script duration, where it is to be used, for how long and the amount of editing or file cutting required.  Having an experienced professional like myself will add value to your project.  Make use of my many years of radio and TV broadcast and advertising experience to receive fast delivery of professionally recorded audio files.   

If you have a long-term project or multiple scripts, I am always open to offering a good deal for you.    


✔ All rights in all non-broadcast media for ever (Internet OK)

✔ Fast delivery of audio files – usually same day  (UK time)

✔ Script preparation, such as researching pronunciations

✔ Recording and studio time

✔ Editing of mistakes and major breaths

✔ Audio level and sibilance optimisation to industry standard -3 dB

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